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6 Waipahu Home Foreclosure Listing ID: 4344235


Waipahu, HI - 96797

2 Bd | 1 Ba | $221,500

10 Waipahu Home Foreclosure Listing ID: 4341929


Waipahu, HI - 96797

2 Bd | 1 Ba | $289,000

10 Waipahu Home Foreclosure Listing ID: 6326456


Waipahu, HI - 96797

2 Bd | 2 Ba | $350,000

9 Waipahu Home Foreclosure Listing ID: 1001442

Pre Foreclosure

Waipahu, HI - 96797

3 Bd | 2 Ba | $513,778

6 Waipahu Home Foreclosure Listing ID: 6325797


Waipahu, HI - 96797

9 Bd | 4 Ba | $760,000

Total: 12
BD: BH: Min Price:Max Price:
# Photo Address City State Zip Type BD BH Price Details
9 in WAIPAHU 96797 94-1124 LUMIAUAU ST - Property ID: 1001442
LUMIAUAU ST Waipahu HI 96797 Pre-Foreclosures 3 2 $513,778
10 in WAIPAHU 96797 94-249 WAIKELE RD APT D221 - Property ID: 4341929
WAIKELE RD APT D221 Waipahu HI 96797 Foreclosures 2 1 $289,000 Details
6 in WAIPAHU 96797 94-333 PAIWA ST - Property ID: 6325797
PAIWA ST Waipahu HI 96797 Short Sales 9 4 $760,000 Details
4 in WAIPAHU 96797 94-1266 HENOKEA ST - Property ID: 4143938
HENOKEA ST Waipahu HI 96797 Foreclosures 3 1.5 $540,000 Details
10 in WAIPAHU 96797 94-1505 WAIPIO UKA ST APT B203 - Property ID: 6326456
WAIPIO UKA ST APT B203 Waipahu HI 96797 Short Sales 2 2 $350,000 Details
10 in WAIPAHU 96797 94-749 KAIAO ST - Property ID: 4264096
KAIAO ST Waipahu HI 96797 Foreclosures 3 2 $529,900 Details
6 in WAIPAHU 96797 94-010 LEOLUA ST APT C103 - Property ID: 4344235
LEOLUA ST APT C103 Waipahu HI 96797 Foreclosures 2 1 $221,500 Details
9 in WAIPAHU 96797 94-615 KAHAKEA ST APT 4E - Property ID: 4325542
KAHAKEA ST APT 4E Waipahu HI 96797 Foreclosures 2 1.5 - Details
6 in WAIPAHU 96797 94-870 LUMIAUAU ST APT V104 - Property ID: 4196271
LUMIAUAU ST APT V104 Waipahu HI 96797 Foreclosures 2 2 - Details
Photo coming soon
LEOWAHINE ST APT E3022 Waipahu HI 96797 Short Sales 3 1 $209,000 Details
Photo coming soon
PUPUPUHI ST APT 202 Waipahu HI 96797 Pre-Foreclosures 3 3 - Details
Photo coming soon
KAUPU PL Waipahu HI 96797 Pre-Foreclosures 3 2 - Details
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Waipahu, HI

Waipahu is a former sugar mill town located in the Ewa District on the Island of Oahu along the northern shore of both Middle Loch and West Loch of Pearl Harbor. The beauty of the area and its stable and strong economy means that a savvy investor can participate in the Waipahu foreclosure real estate market. Because the cost of living in the Islands tends to be relatively high, Waipahu foreclosure homes are welcome profit opportunities both for the investment portfolio of real estate investors and as a low budget option for those purchasing a new home for themselves. An investment strategy that includes the purchase of foreclosure properties in Waipahu provides both growth of the principal and protection of your assets. To get a comprehensive list of properties that have been foreclosed or to review detailed Waipahu foreclosure listings sorted by location, price and condition of the property choose Waipahu foreclosure property investment opportunities.

Peoplewaipahu, hiUS
Pop Density13,09487
Pop Change3.07%9.34%
Median Age37.436.6
Household Size4.212.58
Male Population49.33%49.31%
Female Population50.67%50.69%
Married Population40.03%47.15%
Single Population59.97%52.85%
Estimated Households By Household Incomewaipahu, hiUS
Income Less Than 15k11.34%12.10%
Income Between 15k And 25k7.92%10.18%
Income Between 25k And 35k8.58%10.56%
Income Between 35k And 50k12.29%14.98%
Income Between 50k And 75k17.34%19.53%
Income Between 75k And 100k14.78%12.52%
Income Between 100k And 150k14.45%12.14%
Income Between 150k And 250k7.73%3.91%
Income Between 250k And 500k4.87%3.34%
Income Greater Than 500k0.69%0.75%
Economywaipahu, hiUS
Unemployment Rate5.10%9.10%
Recent Job Growth1.59%-0.12%
Future Job Growth38.08%31.25%
Sales Taxes4.50%6.80%
Income Taxes8.25%6.25%
Income Per Cap$19,561$27,067
Household Income$64,185$52,954
Housingwaipahu, hiUS
Median Home Age40.235.1
Median Home Cost$530,600$175,100
Home Appreciation1.32%-3.15%
Homes Owned52.43%59.90%
Housing Vacant6.09%10.37%
Homes Rented41.48%29.73%
Property Tax Rate$2.82$11.20
Owner Occupied Housing Units By Valuewaipahu, hiUS
Less Than 20k0.14%2.65%
20k To 399990.14%3.76%
40k To 599990.34%4.99%
60k To 799990.71%6.01%
80k To 999991.68%7.27%
100k To 1499993.79%19.24%
150k To 1999991.19%14.67%
200k To 2999992.57%18.09%
300k To 39999911.60%9.14%
400k To 49999925.37%4.94%
500k To 74999940.05%5.42%
750k To 99999910.15%2.03%
1M Or More2.27%1.77%
Educationwaipahu, hiUS
School Expend$5,893$5,678
Pupil Teacher Ratio17.414.9
Students Per Librarian545803
Students Per Counselor270513
2 Yr College Grad8.60%7.47%
4 Yr College Grad12.26%17.42%
Graduate Degrees1.25%10.12%
High School Grads78.02%84.72%
Crimewaipahu, hiUS
Violent Crime54
Property Crime54
Housing Units By Year Structure Builtwaipahu, hiUS
1999 To 20056.15%13.71%
1995 To 19983.58%8.54%
1990 To 19943.37%5.77%
1980 To 198910.75%13.87%
1970 To 197927.25%16.17%
1960 To 196938.16%11.70%
1950 To 19597.52%11.08%
1940 To 19492.14%6.02%
1939 Or Earlier1.07%13.15%
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