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Federal Foreclosure Listings

If you are trying to find a foreclosure listing in order to save money on this large purchase, you should certainly take a look at some of the federal foreclosure listings that are available. These offer some of the best opportunities for individuals to get into a property at well under market value. Many times, they are overlooked in favor of bank properties listings, but they are certainly worth taking the time to browse.

Over 1.5 Million Foreclosures for Sale


How to Use Federal Home Listings

Federal Homes

Federal foreclosed home listings come about as a result of a government agency that has foreclosed upon a property or house. There are several different agencies that offer these home loans, usually as a way of subsidizing an individual or family and helping them to get into a home. The office of housing and urban development is one of the main agencies, in this regard, but there are also programs that are run by other government agencies, such as the USDA.

It is also possible that these federal home listings come about as a result of the a foreclosure as well. It is not always because the individual is unable to pay their mortgage, but many times, they do not have their taxes escrowed into the mortgage and they get behind. A federal tax foreclosure can take place as a result of property taxes not being paid, as well as federal income tax that is delinquent.

Federal Home Listings

The first step in finding one of these federal foreclosure listings is to run an online search. Our website has several different federal house lists available within it, and they are all compiled into an easy to search database. Within seconds after running your search, you can have easy access to these federal foreclosures, as well as to any bank foreclosures that may have happened in the area.

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